TripPak MOBILE 7.0 provides drivers convenience and carriers increased cash flow with the highest quality document submission method in the industry. This mobile application allows drivers to update their trip status, confirm pick-up and delivery with signature capture, and capture trip documents for submission - all from the driver’s tablet or smart phone. Fleets have complete visibility of each trip with built-in load tracking.

  • Image enhancement tools including auto-focus, auto-cropping and document scoring ensure the delivery of quality images
  • Images recorded by document type with customized indexing options
  • 100% end-user technical support
  • Signature-capture capabilities
  • Built-in load tracking, providing visibility to fleets for every trip
  • Custom app development available at minimal cost

What’s New for TripPak MOBILE 7.0?

  • Reduced number of steps for document capture and submission
  • Refreshed and updated user interface
  • Additional integration options & index fields for trip selection & detail (driver code, trailer #, fleet #, or any customized field requested)
  • Indexing options based on specific doc types requested (customizable by fleet)
  • Customized short cuts or links to help improve processes
  • Bar code reader and form integration with electronic signature

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