TripPak IN-CAB

TripPak IN-CAB™ is the next generation in mobile scanning solutions for the transportation industry. This in-cab solution includes state-of-the art image capture software and a light-weight, cost-effective scanner for drivers to use in the cab of the truck. With this technology, drivers easily install the TripPak SCANNING™ software on their laptop or netbook computer, and using the SCAC code from their carrier scan their documents with the TripPak SCANNING™ Model 467 scanner.

  • Reduce DSO and out-of-route miles and increase cash flow with quality images delivered quickly and efficiently.
  • TripPak’s in-cab scanner works great for drivers and owner operators, providing a way to get paid faster by allowing for scanning right from the cab of the truck.  This technology creates a culture of convenience that drivers and owner operators are seeking when choosing a fleet.
  • TripPak provides 100%end-user support directly for drivers and owner operators.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Darin Mark
Vice President, Capacity Management
 Express-1 specializes in providing time sensitive freight solutions so TripPak In-Cab Scanning falls right in line with the expedited nature of our day-to-day business.

TripPak In-Cab Scanning enables Express-1 owner operators and drivers to not only send paperwork faster but to do it from the convenience of their trucks. Plus, ACS provides friendly support for any questions.