Enjoy more capture options, more indexing options and more integration options with Capture ANYWARE™ from TripPak SERVICES™.  Unleash the power to capture information on YOUR terms with seamless integration and image processing including doc typing, indexing and verification.

  • Remotely capture documents from a variety of sources including Email, FAX, FTP or other truck stop scanning networks outside of the TripPak network.
  • Capture any type of documents, including trip documents, driver logs, accounts payable documents and more.
  • Use as a standalone solution, or combine with TripPak ENTERPRISE™ for tailored indexing solutions to meet your specific business needs
  • Variety of possible delivery options
  • Capture ANYWARE™ provides the ultimate in flexibility by offering more options to accept and process documents, data and other content. If you have a need to capture information from remote, distributed sources, Capture ANYWARE™ is the answer.
  • Decrease time to bill loads.
  • Decrease agent settlement cycle time.
  • Reduced shipping costs from agent office / terminal locations.
  • Significant cost savings from outsourcing.
  • Paperless processes cut cycle times and processing costs.
  • Gives fleets and drivers choices.

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