The hottest express mail products exclusively from TripPak SERVICES™, TripPak OVERNIGHT™ delivers economical and convenient express mail service for drivers and fleets. TripPak OVERNIGHT™ is sold over-the-counter at more than 1,000 participating truck stops nationwide.

TripPak OVERNIGHT™ can be dropped in any TripPak EXPRESS® drop box, conveniently located in more than 1,500 truck stops, distribution centers, fleet terminals, and UPS drop boxes.

TripPak OVERNIGHT™ come with a built in address label and for only $21.99 for the OVERNIGHTS, you get overnight* letter delivery to almost any destination in the continental U.S.A. The $21.99 rate includes the fuel surcharge, zone charge and no weight limit. TripPak OVERNIGHT™ can even be shipped to a residence without experiencing a residential surcharge.

  • Full confidence of 24-hour package tracking and great customer service.
  • No account needed, no billing – it's prepaid and available on demand.
  • TripPak OVERNIGHT™ delivery is guaranteed by the end of the next business day to Primary Delivery Areas. See the U.S. Service Calculator or U.S. Service Conditions at, or call 1-800-PICK-UPS for details.

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