Tampa, FL – [May 29, 2014] - Pegasus TransTech, a leading provider of electronic revenue cycle, document management and invoicing solutions to the transportation industry, has acquired TripPak SERVICES® and ACS Advertising from Xerox.

TripPak is a major provider of transportation solutions including document capture, submission and workflow management, as well as safety and compliance solutions. ACS Advertising is the leading driver recruitment advertising agency in the transportation market. The combined company will be the clear market leader in electronic revenue management solutions for the trucking industry.

“We are excited about the opportunity to join forces with TripPak and ACS Advertising and offer solutions that range from mobile document management to truck stop scanning and drop boxes,” said Frank Adelman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pegasus TransTech. “We will now be able to pool our resources and accelerate the pace of new product development. Together, we will enable truck fleets and drivers to capture revenue more quickly, gain greater visibility into revenue management processes and comply with regulatory requirements more efficiently.”

The combined company now serves over 3,000 truck fleets and third party logistics customers with both transactional and software solutions for revenue cycle management. Pegasus TransTech partners with the majority of major US and Canadian truck stop operators to provide document capture and transmission solutions and TripPak adds 500 additional truck stop locations as well as a network of 1,200 drop boxes for document submission. Additionally, TRANSFLO Mobile, the most widely used mobile solution in the industry today, combined with TripPak MOBILETM will serve nearly 200,000 drivers.

About Pegasus TransTech
Founded in 1998, Pegasus TransTech is the leading provider of business solutions that streamline document capture and transmission, billing, collections, payroll, and other revenue cycle processes for the transportation and logistics industry. The company serves more than 900 travel centers in North America, 42 of the top-50 truckload carriers, and 17 of the top-30 freight brokers, and over 350,000 drivers.

Pegasus TransTech is best known for its document capture and transmission solutions, including TRANSFLO Express®, the industry-leading imaging solution preferred by drivers and travel centers across North America; TRANSFLO Mobile®, a smartphone and tablet imaging application available on iOS and Android mobile devices with more than 150,000 downloads; and TRANSFLO Now!TM, an in-cab or remote scanning solution.

All Pegasus TransTech document capture and transmission solutions provide same-day access to delivery documents, which speeds driver pay and accelerates the billing cycle for carriers. Pegasus TransTech also offers carriers TRANSFLO® and cloud-based TRANSFLO DMS®, robust software applications that provide back office document management and workflow solutions and seamless integration with other Pegasus TransTech offerings. The company also offers TRANSFLO $Velocity, a standard interface that connects more than 18,000 carriers and brokers, enabling electronic transmission of load documents and acceleration of revenue cycles in the supply chain.

For additional information, please visit www.pegasustranstech.com.

About TripPak SERVICES® & ACS Advertising
TripPak provides document capture and submission solutions including in-cab, mobile, and truck stop scanning; along with the industry leading safety and compliance solutions CompliancePAK, Command Solutions and TripPak RAPIDLOG. The organization also provides campaign management, media buying and digital marketing services to the transportation industry via ACS Advertising.
To find out more, visit www.trippak.com and/or acsadvertisinginc.com.

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